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The Vehicle Access Agreement

What is it and why have one?

Research from around the world shows that gradually increasing exposure to high-risk driving situations is an effective way to reduce the crash risk that newly qualified drivers face in their first 12-months after passing the driving test. The Vehicle Access Agreement allows you and your newly qualified driver to clearly set out conditions in the first 12-months for:

  1. Borrowing the family car, or
  2. The newly qualified driver driving their own car.
  • After discussing the information in the Research section with your newly qualified driver you will be ready to set up the Vehicle Access Agreement.
  • We strongly recommend that the conditions for driving at night and driving with peer passengers (as set out in the example below) be included in the agreement.
  • Include other conditions that you and your/son daughter deem relevant based on the high-risk situations outlined, and your own particular situation.
  • Come to a mutual agreement as to the incentives that will exist for your newly qualified driver to follow the agreement.

Setting up the agreement

Step 1: Download the agreement template ( PDF, 36KB) we have prepared.

Step 2: Fill in the conditions for driving for the three time frames the first 3-months, 3-6 months, and then 6-12 months.

Step 3: Fill in the conditions for driving at night and with peers.

Step 4: Add other conditions and respective time frames that you deem relevant (for example, not driving after consuming alcohol).

Step 5: Agree on, and write down, your parental responsibilities and incentives provided then sign the agreement with your newly qualified driver.

Recommended restrictions for the Vehicle Access Agreement

First 3 Months 3-6 Months 6-12 Months
Night Driving Driving allowed 6am 10pm Driving allowed 6am 11pm Driving allowed between 6am and Midnight
With Peers No Passengers aged 16 23 No more than one passenger aged 16 23 No more than one passenger aged 16 23

Note: These conditions only apply when the newly qualified driver is driving alone. If you are with him or her these conditions are exempt. The newly qualified driver is able to drive outside the above times if it is for work, religious, educational or sporting purposes.

Role of the parent(s) in the Vehicle Access Agreement

We recommend that you show that you are assisting your newly qualified driver in relation to the conditions in the agreement. Your role is to deliver the incentives as agreed with your newly qualified driver. For example, by agreeing to help provide money for a taxi fare or by being willing to pick up your newly qualified driver when he/she is at parties etc.

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